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A new crowdsourced initiative invites fans to remake Star Wars. People can sign up on Star Wars: Uncut to recreate up to three of the 1,313 fifteen-second clips that make up the epic space film. They then have 30 days to film and upload their segment before the slot is offered to someone else. The 337 contributions submitted so far range from live action and animation to stop motion and cardboard shadow-puppetry. Submissions can be viewed on Star Wars: Uncut, side-by-side with the original. Eventually, the site’s administrator—Casey Pugh, a Vimeo staff member—will stitch all of the pieces together, letting the project reach its ultimate goal of recreating the the entire movie.

No word yet as to when the finished product will be available and in which formats. However, it will definitely be available on the web, attracting, at the very least, hits from those who participated in its creation. Claiming to be the biggest fan recreation in the universe, Star Wars Uncut is one of the most amusing attempts at crowdsourcing we’ve seen so far, with its organizer stating more uncut films are in the works. Will the DIY remake genre be able to sustain itself? For the time being, it’s definitely a novel way of getting fans involved, and one to experiment with if you’re in the entertainment business.