It wasn’t long ago that we covered Reflective Lace, the safety-minded and stylish embellishment that makes bicyclists more visible at night. Now bringing similar reflective qualities to baby strollers is Wagalum, a German maker of self-adhesive strips designed specifically to keep young children safe while on the go.

Billed as “headlights for prams,” Wagalum’s reflective sticker set includes eight pieces in four different sizes to provide all-around visibility for babies in strollers. The stickers’ microprismatic surface shines nine times brighter than comparable materials do, causing strollers bearing them to be seen six times earlier by other traffic participants and 85 percent less likely to be involved in an accident, Wagalum says. The strips meet all key DIN standards for traffic safety, and are apparently even officially recommended by the German police. Pricing online is EUR 9.90 for Wagalum’s eight-piece set.

Wagalum’s reflective strips are currently available at a number of stockists in Germany, but the company aims to expand to other countries soon, and it welcomes dealer inquiries. Retailers of children’s products: this one’s for you! (Related: Five business ideas focused on babies & new parentsColour-changing sleep suit signals baby’s fever.)


Spotted by: Elisa Huijsman

Found on : Springwise