Online payments may be easier to make than their offline counterparts in general, but there’s still at least some pain involved in entering account numbers and other information. Aiming to push the convenience up another notch, Danish Danske Bank now lets consumers snap a photo of their bill and then simply click to pay.

Danske Bank customers begin by downloading the bank’s mobile app, which is available for Android, iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. Even those who are not customers of the bank can use some of the app’s features, which include funds transfer and bill payments. For the latter, customers can use their phone’s built-in camera to avoid having to enter key details such as the account number and payment amount. Instructions for doing so are provided on Danske Bank’s site, but essentially all customers need do is photograph the relevant section of their bill and then click to pay it.

Danske Bank’s app is free, requiring only that users pay for data traffic. How can your brand tap mobile technology to make customers’ lives easier? (Related: App instantly prices cars from a photo of their number plateRestaurant’s iPhone app lets users order and pay for foodiPhone app helps State Farm users submit a claim.)


Spotted by: Johan Lofmark

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