In recent times, we’ve seen the fashion industry innovate with products such as biodegradable shoes, as well as charitable initiatives such as Community Collection, which donates a portion of the sale price to good causes. Now Honest by, a brand launched in Belgium this January, has built its whole business around the principle of honesty.

Transparency is key to Honest by’s operations and, in its own words, it is the “first company in the world to share the full cost breakdown of its products”. It collaborates only with designers willing to be open about where their materials and labor come from in order to guarantee customers a clean conscience when updating their wardrobe. The company encourages its providers to work with organic materials and avoid animal products. With an emphasis on reducing waste, Honest by is also ditching the season model by offering summer and winter items until they sell out, saving them from obsolescence.

Honest by has taken the idea of social responsibility and made it their entire business philosophy. Even if this isn’t feasible for your business, there’s plenty to be inspired by here!


Spotted by: Bec Kempster

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