Möch Generell

Daisymupp, who’s that ?

Married and 3 children

Black Labradors :

  • Daisy (* 26.3.1997 † 24.5.2011)
  • Holly (* 1.7.2011)

Labrador Daisy + Mupp (lux. for Dog, Chien, Hund) -> Daisymupp

Born 46 years after Helmut Schmit, German economist, pilot, and politician and more or less 15 years after Adrian Belew, singer, guitarist and frontman of King Crimson.

The year of my birth :

On my 3nd Birthday, the movie “The Good, the Bad, the Ugly” opened in US theatres and Carla Bruni was born.

My upcoming nerdiversaries can be checked here : https://nerdiversary.herokuapp.com/1964-12-23.

My BOINC Activity, you know, searching for extraterrestrial life, finding the biggest prime numbers and such stuff :